How to Attract Women
Examples: Having Fun Flirting With Women Using Humor
Alright, don’t freak out on my for what I’m about to say.
Okay, here I go…
I’ve always been a little jealous of the variety of clothes that women can wear.   Seriously, they get all kinds of accessories, skirts, blouses, dresses, shoes, and whatever that they can add to their catalog.  Not to mention lingerie…damn, have you been in a Victoria Secret or Fredricks of Hollywood lately? 
I suppose that’s why I love women so much…don’t worry, I’m not a cross dresser.  I just love a well dressed woman. 
Summer ended not too long ago and I miss seeing all the smoking hot ladies wearing their summer dresses and low cut shirts. 
Okay, let’s get down to business…. 
Why do women dress so sexy? 
Of course they will claim that it’s “comfortable” or they just want to look cute.  Really though, they want to be noticed by men.  They want to flirt…they want to GET IT ON. 
Women are constantly seeking attention and it’s been proven by science.  It’s why women are often competing AGAINST each other and sizing up the other women in the room…often times even MORE than men. Ever notice that?
"Oh my god…I can’t believe she’s wearing that…."  I’ve heard it a thousand times.
Really, they are competing for the best man in the room….which brings me to my next point. 
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It always amazes me how you’ll often hear women complain about some guy approaching them or bugging them.  Sometimes this will get filtered down to us and we’ll think that women don’t want to be approached, hit on, flirted with or whatever you want to call it. 
Let me tell you {!name}, this is 100% untrue. 
Well, let me back up a little bit. 
Sure, some women have bad days or arguments with their significant other.  Sure they don’t want to deal with “strange men” saying ‘strange things” to them. 
Here is the secret.  
They want men to hit on them, to flirt with them etc. 
They just want the “right” man to do this.  The man who is Socially Attractive, the good one, the fun one, the guy who’s having a good time and brings her into HIS WORLD.  The guy who’s having such a damn good time it’s contagious in infecting everyone he runs into. 
Sure, if you’re socially awkward and nervous when you attempt to flirt with a woman she’s going to get weirded out and blow you off. She’ll probably complain about it later to a group of friends.  
However, she’s going to be really happy if a Socially Attractive guy hits on her… even if she’s taken, has a boyfriend or whatever, and it doesn’t go anywhere.  She’ll feel good and validated. Here is a secret….ALL WOMEN LOVE THIS. 
So how do you do this? Where do you start? 
Well there are thousands of ways to do this but today I want to share with you one of my favorite little “tricks” if you will for flirting with women. 
So before I share with you this “trick” let’s review some basic elements of flirting with women. 
The whole purpose of flirting with women is to throw out signals that indicate you’re interested and have her respond to you by feeling “emotionally attracted” to you.
That’s the key here, to HOOK her attention and spark her Attraction Buttons.
How do you get a woman to feel “emotionally attracted” to you? 
One way to do this as a Socially Attractive Man is to have fun in YOUR WORLD and bring her in as a guest.

She’ll be drawn to you and “FEEL GOOD” just being around you.  As the leader of YOUR WORLD, you will have the HIGHER STATUS and VALUE in the situation. 
You’ll be Socially Attractive and triggering her Emotional Attraction. 
Humor is one of the best ways to do this.  If you mix humor in with DISPLAYING your social status. 
One great way to be funny and display that you are the leader of your world is to lead the conversation in a funny manner. 
*******For Example***** 
Her: “Ah I can’t, I have to work.” 
You: “I’m sorry, it’s sounded like what you meant to say is, “I’d love to hang out with you and bake you cookies.  I’ll be over at 9.” 
 Okay what’s going on here? 
A socially unattractive man who has no idea how to insert his reality into a situation would likely follow HER lead and become a guest in HER world. 
He would think that doing whatever she wants, and “pleasing her” will somehow lead to her all of the sudden ATTRACTED to him.
He would accept her response if she states that she can’t hang out for whatever reason.
"Uh….Oh okay, well maybe some other time…when is your next day off?" 
Not good.  Not Fun. Not Socially Attractive. 
Let’s look at this again and analyze. 
What would a high status, socially attractive man say? 
"I’m sorry, it sounded like what you meant to say is, "I’d love to hang out with you and bake you cookies, I’ll be over at 9." 
This is a guy who is living in HIS world.  She may have just offered an excuse but this statement says,  “I’m having fun no matter what, you’re invited.” 
Now, do whatever works for your reality, obviously if you HATE cookies…figure something else out.  The point of this exercise is to be having fun in YOUR WORLD and inviting her into it as a guest. 
I’ll give you another example in a second but the formula for this flirting tool is simple. 
You can SAY what would otherwise be inappropriate but since it’s under the lens of HUMOR.  It’s funny and Socially Attractive. 
HUMOR allows you to get away with anything.   The trick is to be funny in a way that demonstrates HIGH VALUE, SOCIAL STATUS, and SEXUAL INTENT.
If you paint clown make up on your face and whack rubber baseball bats on your head everywhere you go….sure, you’ll get her to laugh… but she won’t feel that magical overwhelming urge of ATTRACTION towards you.  She’ll just think you’re a GOOFY dork. 
Ironically, you can use humor to get away with what’s ACTUALLY on your mind without sounding like a little bitch boy. 
Think she’s fun, smart, and beautiful? Wanna hang out with her? 
A little bitch boy might say something like. 
"Wow, you’re really pretty.  So do you have a boyfriend?  Can I please take you out to dinner sometime? It would be my honor…." 
Now I’m exaggerating a little bit here but I hope you get the point.  Complimenting her in order to get her approval and asking permission to take her out is just…..BORING AND LAME. 
How could you use humor in a fun and flirtatious way? To say what’s really on your mind?
"Yeah okay, you’re cute… but I’m gonna need to see me some personality if there’s any chance of us working out.  Look, let’s go out for a drink next week and if you end up be awesome and fun…. you can cook me dinner sometime." 
What’s the difference here?  You’re having FUN in your world!! As long as you don’t say this like a monotone robot and you’re vibing with her….she’s gonna laugh her ass off! 
She’s going to see this as a challenge and an invitation to banter and vibe with you. 
You’re calling the shots, and I guarantee it’s been a VERY LONG TIME if ever, that a man suggested she cook him dinner…. IF she’s a fun person. 
What’s next? What should you do to keep the fun, playful, flirtatious banter going? 
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Best of luck out there,
Bryan Baldwin